A cover album of Tori Amos songs released in June 2001 by Cleopatra Records. It's truly atrocious.

Track list:

  1. Beauty Queen, performed by Unto Ashes
  2. Leather, performed by Amber Asylum
  3. Bliss, performed by Glampire
  4. Sugar, performed by Rei Toei
  5. Cornflake Girl, performed by Tapping the Vein
  6. Winter, performed by October Hill
  7. Caught a Lite Sneeze, performed by Voltaire
  8. Crucify, performed by This Ascension
  9. i i e e e, performed by Meegs & Jessicka
  10. God, performed by Temple of Rain
  11. She's Your Cocaine, performed by St. Eve
  12. Raspberry Swirl, performed by Simple
  13. Space Dog, performed by Dragon Style
Cleopatra Records, on the whole, has a good reputation with me - edgy rock, with a sharp goth edge. That's what I was expecting from this album, but instead I got reeking sewage. Nobody on this album really even tried - on several tracks, it's little more than people with voices not nearly as lovely as Tori's trying to imitate her, down to the precise inflections.

If I can keep just one person from wasting their money on this, I'll die happy.