This was a dead hardlink from Sexual Myths About Women.

Let's see, we've got the myths that women believe about men, and those that men belive about themselves. Where to start?

  • All men can get instantly hard on demand and stay that way for hours.
  • Men should be able to time their orgasm perfectly - anyone who can't is sexually inept.
  • All men think that getting oral sex is the greatest thing in the world, and aren't in the least bit embarrassed to have a woman face-to-face with their penis, regardless of its size or shape.
  • Men are always happy with their own bodies. They aren't all insecure the way women are.
  • Men only like tall, impossibly thin blondes with blue eyes and enormous tits.
  • They also have no interest in an actual relationship or romance with a woman: anything they say or do is to get a woman in bed.
  • The kinkier the sex, the more a man will like it. Unless he's a weenie.
  • It's impossible for a woman to rape or take advantage of a man. Hey, he's the one with the dick, right?