Today was a very interesting day. Understand, there is this girl from high school who I have wanted to go out with but instead we have become good friends. She attends Pitt and I attend CMU. All of our mutual friends and significant others have move to go on to college.

Two days ago we got together and I learn about this thing she had for me in high school. Apparently she went to great lengths to get me to go out with her, but I was unreceptive. Up until then, I had no idea. She told me that if things were different, we could be together at the present. However, she has a boyfriend, so things between us can't really change.

Last night she was talking to her boyfriend and she told me that she thought he was going to break up with her over the phone. This didn't hit me until this morning. I then realized that there was a small chance for me. All the feelings I had had in high school quickly rushed back to me.

That wasn't the case, instead it turns out everything was alright with the world. Her boyfriend wasn't breaking up with her. And like a leaking ballon, my happiness fell.