I may just be a dull, buck-toothed, inbred, backwoods retard, but I don't have a particular problem with our returning president. About 55 million people apparently agree with me. I didn't realize it wasn't en vogue to be a hard-working, conservative, god-fearing (whichever god that you believe in) American. An 'American' is fast becoming defined by the twenty-something with the most homogenized beliefs, and the loudest voice. I weap for our future.

Last time I checked, this country was founded by what would probably be described today as Christian fundamentalists. Most countries were founded by people with common religious ideals. This isn't a new trend. Many governments today are still controlled by their country's prominent religious groups. Try letting loose with a "hallelujah" while walking down Main St. Tehran and see how many heavy objects get tossed in your direction.

If it's true that the mark of a person is measured by how they react to adversity, then I feel sorry for the army of bleeding hearts that have been flooding the airwaves and blogs this past week. It's a sad day when the 'enlightened' 49 percent of this country find it necessary to kick and scream like spoiled children, and direct biting slander toward our sitting president. Bert Parks dealt with much more mature reactions from losing parties in his 25 year stint dealing with over-privileged beauty queens.

Had Senator Kerry been elected on Nov. 2nd, I am certain that us 'dumb' Americans would have been disappointed in that outcome and also a bit distrustful of our new president. But, with the same slow and careful consideration that we used in choosing our current leader, we would have let his actions in office speak toward his character. If there is one thing that the dirt-eating, Grapes of Wrath-esque majority of this country can handle, it's maintaining their composure. I don't see any gold stars being handed out to our democratic brethren for showing either composure, or pride in what our country has done in its first 228 years. All I see are a group of disenfranchised people drowning in self-pity and foretelling the start of the apocalypse. Don't you feel that that's a little much? Is that not the very definition of 'reactionary'?

There is no greater way to completely destroy the morale of our troops overseas, then to so vocally and fanatically predict the impending downfall of the very country they're fighting for. It's not instilling a wealth of confidence in our soldiers to hear their Commander in Chief referred to as a 'monkey', 'death-monger' or 'ignorant, Jesus-freak'. It's almost as if liberal Americans are trying to sabotage this country with endless and overwhelming rhetoric, just because their favorite tart wasn't wearing the crown for Prom Queen after Nov. 3rd. When are these same people going to start supporting the reality that is, instead of crying in their lattes over what they feel 'could have been'? When are they going to realize that America is great because of the nearly 300 million people that are a part of it, and not just the small portion of the population that share their views? We are not supposed to be drawing lines in the sand here, in our own homeland. To do so, is wholly un-American.

Perhaps the Dems should put up Jane Fonda in 2008.