Today is one of those days when you realize that things fall together. I woke up feeling like shit, having to take the PSATs at 8am. I go there and there's all my friends, a real sense of belonging. The test was easy and afterwords I was talking to people again. My dad came to pick me up and I managed to trip over some girl, it didn't matter, I didn't care.

At home I had to do some cleaning, but afterwords I went to Garden China with some friends. Some of them I really hadn't talked to since elementary school when I was a real asshole and a half, I think they noticed that I had changed. Again, there I am, talking with people and its falling into place, we talk of nightmares, lesbians, and fortune cookies. My fortune was that I was planning something imortant with wide rammifications which got a laugh due to my TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION shirt. My friend Matt had conflicting fortunes, one told him to show off, the other told him to be modest. Afterwords we split up.

Ramsey, matt, Faga and I went to Faga's house and did nothing. Then we walked to ramsey's. Along the way we find a bottle of collogne with which ramsey proceeds to squirt all over me, he will pay for that someday.

I think the most insightful thing that happened today is something which mike said, "It's hard to be an atheist, people act like its the easy way out, but its hard as shit, your life has no meaning until you give it one." I had to agree with him on that, being atheist is difficult, but it makes sense to me, not like I can change what makes sense.

So here I am, I smell like perfume and I'm sitting in my big red Cartwright chair contemplating big plans, of which you are sure to know soon enough.