A Perfect Circle's debut album. Despite Maynard's work on the vocals, this isn't really much like Tool, nor is the entire album as heavy as Judith (the radio single.)

Unlike Tool's anger and rage, this album consists more of desperation and sadness. Though that may seem like something negative, the work on this album is, in a word, beauty. There's so much raw emotion in Maynard's voice, and the lyrics are both distrubing and touching at times.

The Tracks (and my impressions)

1. The Hollow - Is temporary yet superficial pleasure worth anything?

2. Magdalena - I'd do anything to have you.

3. Rose - I used to try too hard to please you, no more.

4. Judith - You never question, only follow.

5. Orestes - Avoiding conflict.

6. 3 Libras - You'll never love me like I love you.

7. Sleeping Beauty - A lost cause.

8. Thomas - Show me the way.

9. Renholder - Relief.

10. Thinking of you - I want to see you give up.

11. Breña - Heal me of all of this.

12. Over - "Been over this, before."

I bought this album after hearing 3 Libras off Napster and the CD has never dissapointed me. Hardcore Tool fans might not like it, it's a very different sound from Maynard's's usual screaming. To each his own I guess, I like them both at different times, and both groups are very talented musically speaking. The strings also help to tie the work together (end of rose, 3 libras, etc.) as a whole and give it a feel not usually found in rock music.

The album is actually named "a Cascade des Prenoms Pour une Mer de Noms" if you decipher the runes on the front cover.