I arrive at work only 6 minutes late - no small achievement, since I have averaged 20 minutes late for the past two months. I attribute it to early to bed, a spot of exercise before sleep, and coffee-on-a-timer waiting for me when I woke. My car's windshield was glazed with frost when I started my "commute", but the day was warm and lovely.
Ms. A.- is on the prowl for a job closer to home. I would be the natural candidate for her position, so I am pleased. We had lunch, my first sushi experience, at Osaka in Fairfield, NJ. I had unagi, which is cooked because eels are very slimy raw; but I tried some of her raw salmon. Not bad, I didn't have to spit it out. It didn't taste much, but talk about tender!
Before I went home, I stopped in on the DMV office to get a replacement license plate sticker. "I'm not really stupid or spastic", I said to the clerk at the counter (who incidentally browbeat me when I was there yesterday). "-But I peeled the sticker off the backing, and it got stuck to the papaer, and then the adhesive wouldn't peel off the paper..." She gave me a new sticker and smiled. Maybe she had her personality steam-cleaned sometime between yesterday and today.