DAY 2 without coffee. Yesterday was... challenging... I endured about 5 hours of real headache. My eyes still don't feel like they open wide enough, but I'm not in pain anymore.
Lunch: chili. Mm-mm-mm-mmm-mmmmm.
I met D.- as I was pulling out of the street where the factory lives; he asked me for a light for his cigarette, then a lift to the bank (which was closed). I offered him $20 and drove him into Paterson to get a can of gasoline. He promised to meet me tomorrow at the factory to pay me back. Maybe he'll be there, maybe not. I don't make loans to strangers, just gifts that they can return if they want. I get to feel a little virtuous for a day.
Dad offered me his Lincoln Town Car last week; I officially turned it down today. There are a few rational reasons I don't want it, but most of all it's not my style. (I'm not sure what my style is - maybe an old Beetle.)