Born March 24th "No I won't tell you the year", J.S. Clayden is the vocalist and programmer for left wing Nottingham band pitchshifter. His vocal style has changed considerably over the past decade, improving with age. All in all, Clayden is damned cool.

Bumping into him outside the student's union in Manchester, I asked him why he was not doing the autograph signing in the city centre. "Because I'm hungover" came the simple response.

"It's a crazy idea, I know, but let's build houses for the homeless instead of giant domes for the tourists", political and taking no crap - he comments that Pitchshifter is about getting people to think instead of accepting what they read/hear in the news.

His energy, and slam dancing abilities have caused more than one concert to devolve into one big mosh pit (yes, I still have scars). But, most important of all....I kissed him.