Most people believe that a woman cannot give milk until she has had a child, much like cows. This is, in most cases, untrue. Almost any woman can give milk, if she has gone through puberty, and even if a woman has had a child and have stopped producing milk, she can give milk again without having another child. All it takes is someone else to suck on the nipple on a regular basis. This signals the breast to start milk production, and the breast will give milk within a few days, if sucking continues.

If you are going to try this, you should know the following:

  1. The sucking needs to be firm, not rough, and it may hurt a little.
  2. The breast being sucked on will grow larger than the other, so make sure both breasts are given equal attention, or you may end up lop-sided.
  3. The breasts giving the milk will hurt or ache during the day as milk is produced.
  4. The breasts may grow heavier and become firmer.
  5. The amount of milk may not be much at first, but will increase for as long as sucking continues.
  6. Larger breasts work better for this than smaller breasts.
  7. The milk is odorless and almost tasteless, and comes out as a slightly watery white, looking, for a while, like semen.
  8. The while the partner sucks, he/she needs to know when the point comes that the breast hurts too much or is too sore to continue. The pain and soreness lasts for a while, and is not a very fun thing to have to endure.

If, after a few days, nothing happens but soreness, stop and try again in a few days. If nothing happens, then the breasts are incapable of giving milk yet. The woman may not have enough hormones in her system to induce milk production. Wait until she gets pregnant, and then try again.

Partners: Please do not try this without the woman’s permission. Some women may be self-conscious about doing this, so make sure she’s comfortable with the act before continuing.