Rogue began her career in the Marvel Universe as a villain, a member of Mystique's Freedom Force, when Rogue absorbed the powers of the original Ms. Marvel, along with her memories and personality. X-Men and Avengers, the first team she fought against, hated Rogue, since Ms. Marvel was one of their best friends. Some time later, when Rogue realized she could not let Carol Daver's mind get out of her mind, she went to the X-Mansion, asking help to Professor Xavier. The X-Men could not accept Charles wish of making her a new member of the team, so he could help her properly. After a long talk about fraternity and past examples of that, the X-Men had a new member. In her first mission, she went to Japan, and helped Wolverine in a battle against the Silver Samurai and Viper. Wolverine had a special antipathy for Rogue, since Ms. Marvel was one of his best friends, friendship that began during Logan's time in the C.I.A. At the end of this fight, with Rogue severely wounded, Wolverine kissed her, making Rogue absorb his fast healing power.

Since then, Rogue became one of the most enthusiastic members of the team. When Xavier left to space, the treatment that he used to give Rogue so Ms. Marvel's persona could be dormant, vanished, and both women took control of Rogue's body in different times. In the X-Men, Rogue met Longshot and began a love triangle with Dazzler for the love of the alien. Rogue, as the other X-Men went to the Reaver's base in Australia, when the entire world though they were dead.

After Inferno, the X-Men faced Master Mold for the last time. To kill the enemy, Rogue opened the Siege Perilous, so it could be dragged into it. Rogue then sacrificed herself to be the one to take him across the line. After some time, all of the team had the same fate, reappearing in different places of the Earth. Rogue reappeared in the Australian Base, just to learn that her foster mother, Mystique, was dead. Desperate, she jumped out of the window, discovering that she no longer had Ms. Marvel's powers. The Reavers had taken control of the base, and the only way she could escape was to absorb Gateway's teleporting powers, going to the Savage Land. While this was happening, Carol Danvers also reappeared, separated from Rogue, on Muir Island, where the Shadow King took control of the people there. Flying away from there, she discovered that her separation from Rogue was beginning to take its toll: she was beginning to die, slowly decomposing. She went to the Savage Land, where both women fought until Magneto stopped the struggle. He took Ms. Marvel and Rogue to some chamber and saved only one of them: Rogue, with Ms. Marvel's powers but without her personality. At the first moment, Rogue had her powers blocked. She and Magneto began a love affair, while fighting Zaladane in the Savage Land. After they won, Magneto went away and Rogue went to Muir Island, now with her powers restored. There she was influenced by the Shadow King, but was saved by the X-Men and X-Factor. When the teams merged, she became a member of the X-Men Blue Strike Force. There she met Gambit, and both of them loved each other. When the crystallization of the Universe arrived at the mansion, Rogue kissed Gambit. When the time was repaired, Iceman in Key West found Rogue with Gambit's powers, memories, and some of his personality. Bobby helped her in this time, but she left the X-Men after a talk with Gambit, when she revealed that she knew Remy's dark secret.

Rogue began to work as a nanny, in a calm town, when robots of the Friend of Humanity attacked her, kidnapping her. Joseph saved her, and both of them went to New York help the other heroes against Onslaught. Since then, Rogue returned to the X-Men and had a magnificent Christmas present: Joseph, using the Z´Nox chamber as a block for his mind, allowed Rogue to touch someone for the first time in her life. After this, she and some other X-Men had an adventure in space against the Phalanx. Returning to Earth, Rogue kept having Remy's memories on her head, while spending some time captured in an old Magneto's base in Antarctica. There the X-Men discovered Gambit's dark secret and left him there, by the wish of Rogue. She returned to the mansion, more infuriated than ever. Things changed (if for better of worse is still unknown) when Gambit returned. Their love remains strong, but what of the consequences that this love brings?