A character in the X-Men Universe. In addition, a character that is playable in the widely acclaimed X-Men arcade game. Is blue, has yellow eyes, and of course, smells like sulfur when he uses his power.
Kurt Wagner is the son of the mutant Mystique, half brother of the now dead Graydon Creed. When he was born in Germany, his mother left him with gypsy parents, his foster mother was Margali Szardos, and he grew up by the side of Amanda Sefton, the woman that would be his girlfriend in coming years. Later, he joined a circus thanks to his acrobatic abilities and became a star. However, when the circus went to Berlin, the people of the town tried to kill him. Charles Xavier, who was forming the New X-Men, saved him. He joined the team, forging many friendships there, mostly with Wolverine, Colossus, and Kitty Pryde. When Storm lost her powers, Kurt was designated the leader of the X-Men, even if for a short time. He just left when was severely injured in a battle against the Marauders. These injuries damaged his teleportation powers, but that did not stop him to save Rachel Summers, forming the Excalibur, after his fellow X-Men "died" in Texas. He stayed with the team, and came to lead it. Kurt was a brilliant leader and friend, making him one of the greatest assets to Excalibur. However, as all good things do, they must end. As Captain Britain and Meggan married, Shadowcat, Colossus and Kurt began to have wishes of going back to America. As the group disbanded, Nightcrawler returned to the X-Men and, after a battle with Cerebro, is once again a member of his original group.