The song mentioned by dannye was also used on more than one occasion during the Super Bowl, in what is considered one of the best Pepsi commercials of all time.

The ad opens through the eye of a security camera. A Coca-Cola deliveryman is making his usual rounds at what appears to be a convenience store. He delivers his wares, and suddenly looks around furtively. Quickly he reaches into the Pepsi refrigerator, ready to grab one of the cans inside.

Unfortunately for our poor deliveryman, all of the cans fall out of the refrigerator at once, making a whole lot of noise and certainly attracting attention, just as the lines "Your cheatin' heart / Will tell on you" play. The man looks around a little more, and the screen fades to the Pepsi logo as he makes ready to leave.

A brilliant use of the indirect approach, not to mention really damn funny.