Also, the chip used in the onboard video of Apple's Beige G3 computers, as well as the first four revisions of the iMac.

This is notable because the chipset does not have any drivers in Mac OS X, which Apple claims is supported on these machines. However, without even 2D acceleration (which the Rage Pro ordinarily does a fairly decent job of), the operating system feels even less responsive than it normally would. This has been the source of chagrin for many a Mac owner.

Thanks to megan_of_wutai for this correction: The first revisions of both the Beige G3 and the iMac both used Rage II chips, not Rage Pro. But then, these don't have OSX drivers either.

Update: Mac OS X 10.1.5 now includes drivers for both 2-D acceleration and QuickTime acceleration for the Rage Pro. There is not, however, any acceleration for OpenGL in these drivers. Admittedly, the performance of these chips for 3-D is not much better than software rendering, but it would still be nice to see some effort put towards these, since there is no software renderer. Thanks to mcc for the news.