It is commonly used in the electronics industry for surface preparation applications, as well as used as a polymerization initiator for acrylic emulsions. It can be combined with Sodium and Potassium Persulfate.


Appearance: Fine White crystals
Manganese (as Mn): 0.00005% max.
Iron, Fe: 0.0005%
Heavy Metals (as Pb): 0.0005 % max.
Moisture: 0.1 % max.
Active Oxygen: 6.90 % min.
Ignition Residue (as S04): 0.02%
Chloride and Chlorate (as Cl): 0.001 % max.

CAS: 7727-54-0

HAZARD: By ingestion, strong irritant to tissue. Hazard Class 5.1, UN 1444, oxidizer label PG III


  • Electronics Industry, surface cleaners and preparations

  • Bleaching agent (cosmetic hair formulations, fats, oils, fabrics, soap)

  • Emulsion polymerization

  • Secondary oil recovery systems as a polymerization initiator and gel breaker.