Here's a sample of comments oog has made recently, much to my entertainment:

"and he hung himself that afternoon"

Actually, he HANGED himself... seeing as how anyone with a basic knowledge of english knows that people are HANGED, while objects are HUNG. Hell I'm a fucking caveman, and even I know that. Of course maybe the writer is referring as to how monotonous and drone-like computer programming and "hacking" activities are, referring to the kid as an object as a commentary of how robotic and mindless such hobbies really are. Or maybe he just didn't know the simple rule and the editors were too lazy/dumb to correct him. The latter is probably the case.


Congrats, good troll. (Heh I'm starting to sound like those arrogant "trollbusting" Slashbots).

You know, I thought the headline said "13 Year-Old... Commits Suicide." That would mean he killed himself... he died by his own hand... he made the conscious decision to end his life. Period. Did any of the school administrators physically commit the act of murder? No.

And who was to blame for the act of hacking? Perhaps the actual person (the 13 year old) who commited the act of breaking into security holes? I'd love to know how the admins are directly to blame for this. Maybe they might be dumbasses for not being aware of the holes, but that doesn't make them directly responsible. If a burglar breaks into your house, is it your fault for not having a foolproof million dollar security system with iron bars, laser motion sensors, high tech alarms, and hired armed guards? Nope, the burglar is charged with the crime of breaking and entering.

Sorry, but as fun as it is to use a tragic death to lash out at things we don't like, there's something called reason. The kid did a dumb thing by hacking the school's computers, and when he found himself about to be punished for his misdeeds (maybe the punishment seems a little harsh, but that's another issue) he wasn't stable enough to handle it and made to decision to kill himself. It's sad enough that the kid killed himself without a bunch of dumb gawkers sitting around trying to make him a martyr.

Now, compare those posts to What the hell does OOG_THE_CAVEMAN have to do with Haagen-Dazs?

To shed some light on the issue:

You used to be cool, OOG. What happened?



eh I just got a little sick of dealing with the lameness filter, but ill probably be back in cave-form when i'm in a better mood. now to go finish off that 12-pack of cave-cerveza.