I recently did something that I have wanted to do for a long time - join a political party.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I swing towards the right side of politics - especially how I view the economy should work. You know, free markets and minimal government intervention in business (yes, I agree with how John Howard dealt with the Ansett Australia collapse, despite how painful it was). However, this is a fair unpopular position for someone my age and it causes me quite a bit of flack. Being Australian, this means I vote for the Liberal Party - and have done so for the four times I have been called up to vote.

Unfortunately for me, my 18th birthday coincided with the downfall of the Liberal Party in federal politics, so every time that I have voted the party has had crushing defeats (well, except in the Brisbane City Council elections). It is a tad upsetting.

Anyway, I received my induction pack today from the Liberal Party, and I don't regret my decision for a moment. It is packed full of interesting facts and information - how you can make a difference and so on.

The most interesting thing for me has been people's reaction to the news of my recent membership. I picked up my mail on the way to work - so discovering the goodness inside became a public event. I have so far received the following reactions:

  • "You are a fucking looser - what is wrong with you." This is a popular one. Much abuse and laughs follows soon - both from me and the person commenting (though, more abuse from my end).

  • "Cool - how do I join?" This was unexpected. I found some right wing companions in the store!

  • "Good for you. You're grandparents would be proud of you." This was from my father, and the comment pleases me greatly.

  • Time for me to continue reading - and book in to the next meeting.