Mika Bomb are:

Mika H (Vocals)
Mika K(Bass/Backing Vocals)
Yu-Ki (Lead Guitar)
Haruna (Guitar/Backing Vocals)
Ergi (Drums)

Mika Bomb are four Japanese girls (And an English bloke on the drums) based in London who play excellent punk-pop, more addictive than chocolate-coated crack rocks nibbled from the navels of supermodels. They sound a bit like The Ramones or what pre-Return to Central bis might sound like if they were actually Japanese. Their album, The Fake Fake Sound of Mika Bomb is available on Damaged Goods allowing you to giggle at the often slightly daft/unintelligible lyrics in the comfort of your own bedroom.



August 1999 on Grand Royal/Zubizaretta

1. SuperSexyRazorHappyGirls
2. Magic Boots


Heart Attack

March 2000 on Grand Royal/Zubizaretta

1. Heart Attack
2. Yellow Danger Babies
3. Heart Attack (Fucking version)


Hey Man

June 2001 on Damaged Goods
1. Hey Man
2. SuperSexyRazorHappyGirls
3. Heart Attack


The Fake Fake Sound of Mika Bomb

July 2001 on Damaged Goods

1. Garage Super Stars
2. Hey Man
3. Contact Tokyo
4. Super Sexy Razor Happy Girls
5. Stick Around Jo
6. Heart Attack
7. Super Honda
8. Armageddon
9. Never Gonna Push Me Around
10. Underwear
11. Love Factor Five
12. Snake and Crane
13. Magic Boots (Livish Version)
14. Sweet Peach
15. Dont Say
16. Yellow Danger Babies (Livish Version)

Thanks to Mika Web(http://www.manics45.freeserve.co.uk/) where due.


Note: As regards the "erroneous" space, the band sign their email thus:

Just got back from Brighton.
We enjoyed playing there. Hope we come back again so you can see us
going crazy. or come down to London. Brighton is a better place
Seeeee youuuuu soooooooooooon.
Big love

Mika Bomb

So, that's settled then.