Software piracy is disrespectful to the great and time-honored profession of Programming, no question about that. However, it is justified, in a way. I mean seriously, I work at a college computer lab for $6 an hour (hey, learn more there than I do in class, and it aids the tuition, somewhat, so...) I would not even consider spending my earnings of 3 or 4 hours of hard work on something as lame as Doom. Id had its day, let us have this stuff for free now, k? So basically, if MS wants to release Win2k and someone wants to buy it, great. Copying that is wrong. (Very very wrong! Copy Linux instead!) But I'm all for abandonware and freeware. Free Stuff rules!

Don't judge this too harshly, a glass exploded in my hand about 15 minutes ago, so I'm not at peak mental capacity now (bandage doesn't allow me to use 2 fingers on right hand, very annoying). Simply posting this so I can find it later, and will probably edit it at that time. Good day.