Survival was the final Dr Who story produced. It was broadcast in 1989, closing off a 26 year history as being a flagship BBC programme.

As I recall, the story concerned a race of interdimensional-travelling cat-like people who had abducted a number of people, including a youth group from some English town led by a redneck ex-squaddie, and the Doctor's old nemesis, The Master.

Ratings were declining from eight odd million in the 1970s to closer to four. A season that tried to appeal to every conceivable audience in Britain fell flat. Younger audiences could no longer accept unrealistic special effects or the programme's self-referential nature, while existing fans were not impressed by simplistic plots, melodramatic acting and scripts heavily-laden with political correctness. Perhaps because the final explanation how daleks climb up stairs proved to be an anti-climax, or simply the fans had grown up and it was time to move on.

Ironic then that the final story was called Survival.