I tossed and turned, totally restless. Finally I awaken and call my fiance, it was 11:30pm and this was totally out of character for me. We can't buy the new house! I still have a couple of conditions on the offer so there is still time to bow out. We decide to wait until Saturday, effectively waiting until the last possible minute to waive the conditions thus commiting ourselves to buying our new home.

I roll into work this morning wondering what we'll do. Then it dawns on me- I have not yet applied my worst case, doomsday budget calcuations to our current situation. How could I have missed doing this basic thing? So I open Excel (hmmm should I have written StarOffice instead there instead of an evil Microsoft product, in order to get maximize XP?) and begin to crunch the numbers...

Ah there we are. I begin to craft an email to my fiance telling her what I have found. But she ends up calling me first and we discuss the plan. It appears that the new house is really only going to cost a relatively small amount more per month. I can almost afford this on my own, even under the worst case (ie: a poor amount for selling my house). Interest rates are still quite exceptional.

And then I realized the biggest mistake of all that I had made, causing me unnecessary stress about the whole situation. All of the numbers were really based on just my income, completely neglecting her's. It would definitely be going out on a limb to buy this house with my income. But between the two of us we really shall be sitting pretty.

So now we await the final call from the bank. The new house will be great and I have learned a valuable lesson already - marriage is a partnership and together we can accomplish great things. The whole is greater than the some of its parts.