Pavilions as desktops are not bad for the average consumer but for anyone who wants to add stuff to their PC, they are not the greatest. Support for add-on video cards is iffy and the cases are very cramped and difficult to work with. But the worst part about them is the underpowered 160 watt power supplies, going with the lowest common denominator with their power supplies really limits the system. That being said for someone who needs to use the Internet, write up a document, and maybe play the odd game HP Pavilions do the job just fine (as does virtually any PC out there these days). Riptide was a bit tricky until proper drivers were found on their website.

Pavilion Notebooks, such as my HP Pavilion N5270 are actually pretty decent. About the only problem they have is with weak battery life and very poor speakers (though admittedly most laptops aren't know for THX sound quality). Overall a fairly good unit.