PPG has a lot of sexual innuendo. There was this one episode where "love is in the air" (that's all I can remember about it, can't even remember who the villain is), and at the end, the villain is in prison, and his big, burly cellmates are starting at him lustily, and the narrator says, "Yes, love is in the air!"

It was wrong. It was brilliant. It kicked ass.

Oh, and then there's the really angsty, pathos-filled ones... like the evil imaginary friend one, BubbleVicious (where Bubbles shows how much of a badass she can be if she's pissed enough), the one where Buttercup stops taking baths and, as a result, goes freelance (and eventually gets kicked out of Townsville, complete with an homage to the good ol' monster movies)...

PPG is actually quite intellectual. Kids almost certainly can't get most of the humor in it.

Actually, according to a The Onion interview with the creator (Craig MacKracken), the original title of the show was "The Kick-Ass Girls,"[1] and it was never intended for kids, but Cartoon Network liked the idea anyway (pending a name-change, for obvious reasons).

Cartoon Network rules. PowerPuff Girls is a BIG part of the reason why.

this has been an incoherent bunch of discombobulated rambling by Magenta, who's currently feeling completely disoriented and dizzy.

[1] According to commentary on one of the DVDs, the original name was "The Whoop-Ass Girls". It may be that he tried both. An investigation is under way. -- C-Dawg