I think just maybe many people seem to miss the point of yin/yang. Most look at the symbol, the white half and the black half swirling around one another, and understand that it refers to the harmony of opposites.

No, I contend, it does not refer to the harmony of opposites...it refers to the actuality that there are no opposites at all.

The white and the black do not oppose each other; they complement one another, and they are part of a larger whole, hence the circle they form.

There are no opposites in yin/yang, there are only the indispensable, inseparable elements which are divided only in our minds.

We see the white and the black...in reality, there is only the circle. I find it interesting that most with the "western mind" understand that the symbol excludes dualism, but then they say "harmony of opposites" which is dualistic thinking at its best.