A stylized purple-in-purple eye glares at you from the wall of the bar like a maladjusted Fremen. Printed lightning radiates from the center to its periphery along with a collection of bottles. Wild letters printed on the center of the wheel dare you to "TAKE Y0UR BEST SH0T". Should you accept the challenge and spin it, it clicks until the bottle of your randomly chosen poison takes a place under the arrow at the top.

Unfortunately for those who feel variety is a good thing, the factors are few, Jose Cuervo, Black Haus, Rumpleminz, or, the wild card, "bartender's choice". What do all of the hard liquors above have in common? Aside from the fact that they'll all get you fucked up, they're all distributed by a company called Euclid, the same people to provide the wheel to the bar.

The spinning, clicking, live-action commercial contains four spaces for each of the liquors and two for "bartender's choice", which could result in, (GASP) the purchase of a liquor distributed by another company. It's another trojan horse in a parade of gifts with ulterior motives.

This is no exposure of a grand conspiracy. Of course the company is going to put only their products on the wheel. That's the wheel's purpose and that's why they pay to produce the wheel. While I can't condemn the company for their actions, I can look upon the wheel with disapproval, as another empty facet of entertainment designed to manipulate. Bad wheel! Bad!