The Japanese term for basics, one of the first parts of learning Karate. (some of the others being the decision to learn it, enrolling in a class, and meeting your sensei,) Kihon consists of all the stand alone techniques, such as punches, strikes, blocks, and kicks.

Usually a large portion of every session is dedicated to Kihon as it is one of the fundamentals. Learning each technique by itself allows you to focus on it alone, without the distraction of sparring. Basics, above all else should be learned first and practiced many times before being employed in a fight to ensure that they're learned properly and not picked up in a sloppy manner.

A karateka will never stop working on the basics, no matter how advanced he or she is. One never masters or perfects a basic technique and, although, with much hard work and practice one may come close, there is always room for improvement.