Josh Burbank is a fictional character. He is one of the many stars of Horsehockey an online text thing.
Some time ago, Josh awoke by the side of a two-lane road. Amnesiac, he wandered about. He soon got into many improbable situations.
Josh is considered in his early twenties, in moderately good shape. His sanity is not quite what it should be. Mostly, he can operate in normal society. It's extraordianary stimuli that sets him off into a frenzy of defecation, rampant violence and suicide. Yes, Josh has killed himself time and time again, usually in response to a paticularly high-stress situation. Mostly Josh is a force for good. He would rescue a child from a burning building, donate food to the poor or help build a house for Habitat For Humanity. Of course, he would most likely end up running off screaming from the building site, waving his arms and hitting himself in the head with a hammer. Josh usually meets up with Sara Hewitt more then Scott Chen but the three interact many times, usually to the detriment of any innocent bystander.