The legend of Nosferatu, as it is retold amongst the members of clan Nosferatu, tells the story of how the old man turned the twelve other antediluvians against the three childer of Caine, while Caine was out kicking some lupines ass, because Nosferatu himself had made up an unlikely story of a monster, half man, half wolf, that attacked him. (This is why werewolves hate vampires today)

Anyway, Nosferatu turned the twelve antediluvians against their three sires because the sire of Nosferatu had given him a scar as she embraced him, and at that time Nosferatu was a rather handsome man. As Nosferatu tried to commit diablerie towards his sire, Caine came back after killing a werewolf, and discovered what Nosferatu was up to, and so he cursed the bastard, and made him the ugliest thing that ever walked the earth, and his childer should bear the same curse. After a few millennia of thinking in Torpor, Nosferatu found out that if he offered all his childer to Caine (dead of course) then Caine might forgive him and free him from his curse. This is why very few Nosferatu wish to meet their antediluvian.