Limoncello is an Italian aperitif strongly flavored of lemon (as the name would suggest to any english speaking person). This aperitif is easy to make at home, and can be used in many mixed drinks. I myself am currently enjoying a rather strong version of strawberry lemonade made of limoncello and strawberry puree with a hint of fresh squeezed lime juice).

Here is a recipe that is quite easy to follow.

One: Get yourself a bottle of the strongest vodka you can find (100 proof or greater, Everclear and it's like work best, if available in your state/country/province/etc... of residence).

Two: Buy one dozen lemons (that's twelve of them!) and remove the zest from all of them (just the yellow part! the white pith will impart a bitterness to your final product that most imbibers would find undesireable). Cut the zest into very small pieces (if you really want you can even throw the zest and the booze into a blender and let it whirr!)

Three: Let the zest and booze sit for three to four weeks. Take about ten seconds out of each day to shake up the mixture.

Four: After the long wait is over brew yourself up some simple syrup (that's a mixture of equal parts sugar and water, melted together in a saucepan then allowed to cool).

Five: ok, now this takes a little bit of fiddlin' but mix your infusion and the simple syrup at a ratio of 2:1 to 3:1 depending on how strong the alcohol you used at the start was (for Everclear and it's siblings use a 2:1 ratio for weaker alochols use less syrup).

You now have Limoncello! Enjoy and curse your enemies in Italian with slightly more satisfaction!