Release: 1979
Directed by: Jackie Chan, Wei Lo
Starring: Jackie Chan

In this Chan classic Jackie plays a young man who can't seem to stop getting into fights, despite his grandfather's repeated warnings not to show the family Kung Fu to anyone else. During one of Jackie's trips into town he is confronted by three thugs whom he had previously whooped, they would like him to be the master at thier Kung Fu school. Jackie is paied to beat all challenegers who come to the school and does so repeatedly, this gains the school much fame, and it doesn't take much longer for Grandpa to learn of Jackie's exploits. He ventures into town to confront Jackie and is spotted by an old rival, this master tracks grandpa as he leaves town and challenges him. Jackie arrives in time to witness the fight, grandpa isn't doing so well and when Jackie tries to come to his grandfather's aid he is accosted by an old cripple. The cripple succeeds in stopping Jackie from interefering and granfather is killed before his eyes. The old cripple explains to jackie that his grandfather's old rival is not to be confronted and that he stopped Jackie not because he wanted grandpa to die, but because he knew Jackie would be killed. The cripple is known as "The Unicorn" and is also hunted by the same man who killed Jackie's grandfather. The Unicorn trains Jackie who must eventually confront his grandfather's killer and exact revenge.

I think this movie's plot was concocted just to string together a bunch of excellent fight sequences, funny and entertaining this movie has no real slow moments. There is a great scene of Grandpa "reprimanding" Jackie for getting into fights, this is one of the best staff-fight scenes I have ever seen. Jackie is in top form throught this film and many of the fight sequences made my jaw drop.