From: The Thorough good Cook

Poultry: 24. Chicken Puddings a l'Ude

Make these puddings with forcemeat-balls, like those a la Richelieu (No. 25); dip them into crumbs of bread, and fry them of a light brown ; make at the top an oblong opening, empty the puddings, taking care to preserve, however, a coat thick enough to admit a salpicon ofchickens, truffles, and mushrooms, cut into small dice and thrown into a well-seasoned B├ęchamel ; take six small fillets, three being wanted for each pudding; give them the shape of a handle of a basket, after having larded them with bacon and decorated them "en conti," as it is called. Then take a very large carrot, cut it of the same size as the puddings, wrap it up in thin layers of bacon, put the small fillets over the carrot, and dust a little salt over them; place the whole in an oven; do not let it be too much done, but of a light brown only. Glaze them when ready to send up to dinner; pour the salpicon into the puddings, with the sham basket handles at an equal distance over the puddings; and see that the fillets are not thrust in too far, that they may really look like basket handles. This dish is for a grand dinner, when common dishes are not to make their appearance.