Tecmo Super Bowl is considered by some to be the finest game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Some would even argue that it is the best game ever The game was released in 1991, and it features the stats from the 1990-1991 season. The game allows you to play in a variety of modes, playing against another player, or a computer, or even having 2 computers playing against one another. It features several animations, and is very well done colorwise (and otherwise). Perhaps one of the best features is that the game cartridge contains batteries. This allows you to save data (by holding in the reset button while turning the power off). This becomes important because of the immense complexity of Season mode.

Before the game, there is a coin toss (done randomly) in which the person who gets heads wins. The actual game starts with a kickoff (duh). This is done by pressing a button when your power meter gets near the top of the red. The other side receives, and runs the ball down the field. Although you cannnot switch witch player receives the ball, (or which player chases after the person with the ball), you can run around and avoid their dives and tackles. After they take you down, you select from a variety of plays, either passing or running. The defense also selects from the same set if plays, (to decide formation), and if they choose the same one, it is either a sack or an incomplete pass. You try to work your way down the field, and if you do, you get the opportunity to kick a field goal (1991 rules, remember). This is done by pressing a button when the arrow (moving up and down) is in the center of the goal posts. Eventually, the game ends, and you get to jeer in your opponent's face.

You can play in either the Preseason, Regular Season, or the Pro Bowl.

In Preseason Mode, you select what type of game you want (MAN VS. MAN, MAN VS. COM, etc.) and then you choose a team. From here, gameplay proceeds as above.

In Regular Season mode, you get to do a great number of things. You can check on team rankings in various fields (passing, rushing, etc.) as the season progresses. You can also check each team's playbook and the stats for their individual players. You can see the schedule for the season as well. You select a player for ALL the teams, either Players, COMs, or SKP (the game will play this team's scores autmatically). After this, you start the season, and play all the games that you signed up to, watch others, or the scores appear automatically. After each game, you see a score report, and the stats on the leaderboard are updated. Season Mode is truly what makes this game great.

In Pro Bowl mode, you play as the players from the 2 teams from the Pro Bowl (AFC and NFC). You can choose MAN vs. MAN, MAN vs. COM, etc. and then play.

Truly a very fine, and very remarkable game.