Strategy game for Windows 95 published by SSI as a sequel to Panzer General and its popular siblings Allied General, People's General and Pacific General.

The game is a traditional turn based, tactical level game where you get to command German, American, British or Russian forces in several different campaigns and scenarios. The maps are rather nicely hand-painted and overall the game is visually pleasing (considering it was published in 1998 that is, there's no fancy 3D stuff in here). The game AI is decent but not overwhelmingly good, but there's always the option to play against another player over a LAN or by email.

Artillery totally rules in Panzer General II. It can be used for offense of defense and tends to determine the outcome of most fights. This rather unbalances the game as it's all too easy to take out armoured units with your almighty cannons. In fact, the primary target for your artillery and bombers will almost always be the enemy's artillery.

There are quite a few bugs in the game and SSI only ever released two patches. I had to surf around for several hours before I could locate the one I needed (it seems the official ftp site did not carry the patch for the British version of the game). However, the game does have a enthusiastic following on the web and dedicated gamers have built extra maps, scenarios, campaigns, expanded or revised equipment files (I recommend There are also quite a few sites for players who want to play the game by email.

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