I have had the strangest fucking day of my life.

When I woke up today my housemate Ally was in tears downstairs, unable to say anything except "I can't" before completely botching the next word.

She's diabetic, so we thought that it may have something to do with that. We gave her the sugary drinks and so on, but to no effect.

Later on she progressed to saying "Where's the creaking croaking cracking?" before getting frustrated at not being able to remember a thing and breaking down in tears again. Apart from that she could function normally, walking around and so on.

We had to phone for an ambulance and I haven't seen her since. Apparently she's gotten better, and the doctors think that she may have had a minor stroke, but at her age it's unlikely, so they're keeping her in for more scans and so on until they can tell what's happened.