Chapter Five

Thus did Bones assume stewardship of the scrolls of the Everything Project. Not only did he reap, but also he did sow. He sent the younger monks scrambling across Europe on quests for knowledge. He encouraged one young monk, known for an affection for bizarre headgear, to leave titled but blank scrolls beside the pallets of sleeping monks, to stir their thoughts.

Bones also convinced Callitus to allow the young boys and girls from the nearby towns and villages to visit the monastery. Although this caused a lot more weeding of such items as "my first scroll" it also sparked a lot of good, fresh input from their young minds.

The move was less popular with some of the adult townspeople, who worried about the effect of the Everything Project on their youngsters. "Raphael comes home covered in ink!" worried one mother. "He's almost 9, he should be thinking about farming, not about scrolls and suchlike." Others were pleased to have a free babysitting service, with one less unruly child underfoot.

In the spring of 1563, satisfied with the progress the Project was making under Bones' guidance, Callitus set out for the royal court of Spain. Here he hoped to learn whether the exploration of the New World by Christopher Columbus and Hernando Cortes held the answers to the mysteries of "Miami" and the "Super Bowl." Though he was treated well there, he was to be disappointed as no mention of either mystery could be found in the records.

Upon arriving home some 5 months after he had set out, Callitus was met in the courtyard by Claustral Prior Bones. "Behold, oh Abbot!" cried Prior Bones, gesturing grandly. "My masterwork!"

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