I lay here, calmly looking into your eyes. Your beautiful worried eyes. They plead with me. They plead with god.

Please don't do this to yourself. It hurts me to see the pain so deeply ingrained in your soul. Each of the tears you shed for me shine with brilliance, emoting sight's equivalence to sound's symphonic beauty. Each of the tears you shed for me makes my heart cry in agony. I want to tell you it's okay.

No! ... No! ... Don't leave me. Please... I need you. Oh god, don't leave me alone.

You've come back to me. Oh, yes, thank you for not shedding your tears. It soothes me to see you calmer. You're so calm and-- Wait. Why are your eyes so dull? What's wrong? It's almost like... almost like... you don't recognize me when you look at me. I'm still here. Please believe that.

"I miss you so much. I'm sorry... so sorry..." I hear these words whispered shakingly through your dry, cracked lips. How I long to kiss them. But these words strike a chord within my soul. But I'm still here. You can't miss me. Don't say goodbye. Don't leave me alone.

Please... Don't miss me until I'm dead.