Besides that nothing can be known a nihilist may argue that the truth does not exist. It might be relevant to say that a todays supporter of hermeneutics is a nihilist of tomorrow.

The concept of non-existant truth is particularly useful in social sciences. A vast part of things that affect on our lives are created by humans itself and these things do not exist by themselves e.g. responsibility, moral and laws.
It should be clear that denying these things is likely to cause remarkable problems to a coherent nihilist.

From historical point of view nihilism was exercised by some Russian university students late 1800's who were thought to be part of the upper class. They rejected all or the most of the values of present society.
Punk was a very nihilistic movement before it was recuperated. Punk was an absolute denial of music and taste of trends, expressed by shitty outfit. The self-destructive lifestyle of punks can be labelled nihilistic.