The night of three dreams but at the morning I was able to recall only one of them. Let's mention that first one was the nightmare that had many links to real life spanning over the last couple of months. Very scary Kafka-like nightmare..

Then second:
We were in Prague (I've been there once - it was Easter this year) with the basketball team of my youth. We were walking along the streets of beautiful city of Prague and one guy, who was my best mate from the age of 13 to 16, tried to set the sleeve of my t-shirt on fire. This was supposed to be a funny practical joke. Couple of times I could feel the heat on my arm as he tried to do it but it was difficult enough to do it unnoticed. Eventually he was kind of succesfull but I managed to stamp out the fire quite easily with my hand. Anyway, I wasn't too happy with him and I told him to stop it. He got angry and told me I was a killjoy. Well, I was given a consolation by the another mate of my childhood - this guy was my best friend before the age of 13 and he played basketball too. I didn't mind about fire too much and got bit frustrated with the behaviour of the incendiary.