I was having a really boring small talk with two girls and their boyfriends whom all I knew. We were sitting in a kitchen in my house and I had bad vibes about the so called conversation. The boys were all quiet and one girl kept pushing me making me to talk shite which I had no intention to.

Luckily I was saved by Susanna who came in. I rose up giving my chair to her. And my status as a target of questions. Instead, I started to sharpen knives. There were couple of different equipments to do the job but first ones didn't work.
- They are not even hot, I noted as Susanna came to check what I was doing. I kept a knife under a stone which was supposed to be some kind of piece of bloody miracle stone, making knives sharp when you put them under it. I took the knife, looked at it in disgust and started sharpening it in traditional way. And I kid you not when I say that it needed only couple of whets to sharpen the blade.