DNA is an extraordinary storage device which has stood up to at least 3 billion years of testing. Recent experiments by the (brilliant) Leonard Adleman have shown that DNA can be used as a computing device as well. Another experiment by Carter Bancroft illustrated the possibility of performing addition using the molecule. The advantages of using DNA to perform calculations is that rather than doing many different operations in sequential order, it can perform many of the same operation simulatenously. This is essentially the process of parallel computing, and can be very useful in solving problems such as the Hamiltonian Path Problem. The importance of being able to solve a Hamiltonian Path Problem may seem negligible, but any Hamiltonian Path Problem can be reduced to an NP-Hard problem, but more importantly any NP-Hard problem can be reduced to a Hamiltonian Path Problem. The Hamiltonian Path Problem is also known as The Travelling Salesman Problem.