Contrary to what Skewd says, Kamels with a K are made by R.J. Reynolds, the same company that makes Camels with a C. Philip Morris make Marlboros. It is also untruthful that they are harsh. Compared to most cigarettes the taste is very mild.

Allegedly, they were established in 1913, discontinued and then re-esablished eighty-three years later in 1996 "for no good reason except they taste good". Personally I don't think any cigarettes taste "good", but these are the smoothest ones around.

The Slide-o-Matic pack is yet another bonus feature of these fine smokes, but is only available on their menthol and the "originals", which are both fairly rare. In fact the more common brands, Reds and Lights, aren't widely avalable. Maybe it's just a California thing. Whenever I can find them, I'll typically buy the Kamel Reds. They are Klassy with a Kapital K.