Voter Turnout Highest in Three Decades

Those six words just rock my world.

Voters in 11 States Reject Gay Marriage

Those seven words leave me deeply saddened. And, a little fearful.

"The results just go to show that the citizens ... clearly understand the value of natural marriage,"
said Christina Rondeau, director of the North Dakota Family Alliance, a group that supported the amendment.

Natural marriage? What the hell is that?

The President of the United States may well decide he now has a mandate to push through a Constitutional Amendment which will codify what "marriage" means.

I'll be working against any attempt to add such an Amendment to the Constitution. How, I don't know, but I'll do whatever I can to keep such an Amendment from becoming law in this country.

The person I voted for, for President, didn't win. That's the way it goes. Not all the other candidates I voted for won either. Connecticut is stuck with Christopher Dodd again. I swear that man could bitch-slap the Virgin Mary, kill kittens, moon the Pope and still get elected by this state. In case you're wondering, yes, I heartily dislike Senator Dodd. I am glad Christopher Shays won, even if I no longer live in his district. Rosa DeLauro, representative of my district won again. She's not great, she's not horrible, but she's not Shays either.

My home state went with John Kerry. I was surprised, even though the polling data was indicating he would take Connecticut, because it appeared that he had little support in the downstate regions. Downstate is more heavily populated and has been a sea of Bush signs. Fairfield county, in particular, is heavily Republican. Areas surrounding our universities were not very active in campaigning for either party. I live near Yale University and you would think there would be a huge liberal democratic presence there, but I haven't seen it. Perhaps they're just in hiding.

As for other races, I'm thrilled Barack Obama won. He is a hope for a better future. I sincerely hope that the insanity, which infests the people living within the Loop, does not infect him. If I prayed, I'd pray for him. Last I knew, Alan Keyes still hadn't conceded the race. I guess he needs a mountain to fall on him because losing 1,301,719 to 3,385,229 was obviously not enough of a clue.

Looks like Tom Daschle is out of the Senate. I'm not a Daschle supporter, but with the Republicans gaining two Senate seats, potentially holding a 55 to 100 seat majority, I'm sorry Daschle lost.

Mel Martinez, President Bush's handpicked Senate candidate from Florida, has apparently won his race. The cynic in me is not surprised.

Tom DeLay is predicting that the Republicans, who already have 227 of the 435 House seats, will be adding new members.

Even though Iowa, New Mexico and Ohio are still not declared, and the electoral count stands at Bush 254, Kerry 252, I think Bush is going to win this election.

In my opinion, it bodes ill for the United States when one party has control. With Federal judiciaries to be decided by a Republican controlled government, this conservative streak in the body politic is only going to get worse.

As if the last four years were not bad enough, the view over the horizon is looking bleak. The United States, along with the vast majority of the world, has turned dangerously conservative. I know that all nations go through cycles of liberal, moderate, conservative - just as human beings do. But the deeply conservative, fundamentalist, demeanor of this nation disturbs me. I think, if I had been my age now in the middle of the upheaval of the sixties, I'd be just as disturbed. Extremes of liberalism are just as bad for a nation as extremes of conservatism.

I'm not angry the Republicans won. I'm concerned.