A science-fiction series consisting of five books, by David Drake and S. M. Stirling, published by Baen Books. The series includes:

The story takes place on the world of Bellevue, which has lost contact with the rest of human space after a devastating interstellar war, nearly destroying civilization.

A thousand years later, mankind has pulled itself up to a technology level similar to 18th-century Earth, with cannons, muskets, and cavalry charges. Bellevue is divided among several different nations - the barbaric MilGov Squadron and Brigade, the byzantine Civil Government, and the Colony, descended from the original Islamic settlers of Bellevue.

An ancient battle computer finds and enlists the aid of Raj Whitehall, a minor noble in the Civil Government. With the help of Center, Whitehall trains, organizes, and leads into battle the forces of the Civil Government to reunite Bellevue and save mankind from descending back into the Stone Age.

As usual for Drake and Stirling, the series features lots of blood, carnage and Napoleonic-era tactics, but little else. Nice, light reading similar to the Horseclans series and Pournelle and Stirling's Janissaries.