Today was fairly interesting... 5am we were finishing watching "Shanghai Noon" and then doing dishes, folding laundry, etc. We went to bed about 7am or so, but sleep didn't come until after 9am. Most of that was because we were talking. We have our best conversations about life, the universe, and everything right before bed. This time we started with politics (Libertarian vs. Democrat), then debating the pros and cons of various governmental systems (e.g., Capitalist vs. Communist), next onto biking and the differences between city biking and country biking (pavement vs. gravel roads). We wound up with a short discussion on deadly diseases like AIDS, Ebola, etc.

Great bedtime conversation topics, ne?

We got up around 3pm, giving us each about 6 hours sleep. Spent some time with Mom after she got off work, went to the library to check out the Disney's "Tarzan" DVD and return some other videos, and then went for ice cream. *smiles* It was wonderful. We then went out to Reno and Willow Island Locks and Dam. I'd never been there, but Dan had on many occasions. I even got to watch a barge go through.

Back home, and watched "Tarzan" and all the special DVD features. *grin* Then I logged online and he started watching "Ninja Scroll." As soon as I'm done here, we make dinner - polish sausage, mashed potatoes, and corn. (I am enjoying this not-having-mom-around thing... The whole grown up-n-domestic stuff...) I guess that Dan has "plans" for after dinner, and I can leave the details of that up to your imaginations, kiddies. And anyhow, I have to get to bed early - at least by 3am.


Because I have to be up and out of the house by 11:30am tomorrow. I have a court date in Zanesville tomorrow. I have to go fight the State for the Worker's Compensation because of my injury. My job doesn't want to pay me, or pay for my doctor's bills. Somehow, they get the idea that my injury was a result of a "domestic altercation" instead of something that happened at work. *heavy sigh* I can only pray that the judge decides to contact Shannon-whatever-her-last-name-is that was working with me that night, or it will be my word against theirs, and they have a lawyer.

Wish me luck, all.