Dear priestess-in-training and girl-who-has-recently-discovered-her-own-submissiveness -

The concept of removing all your jewellry - necklaces, rings, etc., regardless of their significance to you, before presenting yourself as a dedicant to the Divine, is a very powerful psychological symbol. This symbol in no way removes the significance of your rings, your necklace, etc. If those precious connections are in your heart, then why do you need to have the physical manifestation of them on your person when you are dedicated?

Oh, if you removed them, you will not be whole, is that it? Oh... I see... so when you take the necklace off to shower, you are not a whole person... No? Oh, it's just when you are in the circle.

What's that? Oh... your Dom is just as important as the Divine? Wearing something that is a blatant barrier between you and the Divine is something you are doing out of respect for the Divine? Oh, right... somehow I missed that whole concept that coming before the Divine - just you, with nothing to bar or hide any piece of your soul from the Divine - is something that would be an affront to the Divine that you claim to serve above and before all others.

Ah, well. You obviously know better in this matter, despite the fact you came to me for teaching.

Priestess-in-right and girl-who-has-known-her-submission-intimately-for-years