It occurs to me that I haven't updated since I went to the doctor on Monday, and thus no one knows what she has my current problem narrowed down to. (Quick synopsis of the problem: I got sick the Monday after Thanksgiving with the flu, but when the fever, chills, etc. went away, the nausea & vomiting stayed around. Since then, every time I put food more substantial that Jello Instant Pudding {made with skim milk} in my stomach, it comes back up within 30 minutes at the latest.)

Dr. Ondreko thinks that the stomach problems could be caused by a: Diabetes setting in early (reason she thinks this could be it is because my blood sugar has been bouncing between 65 and 150 during the time I couldn't keep food down) or b: An H. pylori infection, that if left untreated could lead to ulcers.

Dr. Ondreko took blood and is testing for the H. pylori bacteria, and in the meantime, she has become my favorite person. Why?

She gave me a new medication for my stomach, called Protonix, and as long as I remember to take it, I can keep food down, as long as it isn't horribly greasy or spicy. I love this medication! My energy levels are beginning to stabilize, and I'm starting to feel normal (for me) again!

And you know what? I think I'm going to go fix my lunch now, just because I can!