Ahhhh, Brother Jed. Probably the sole connection between the students of larger schools across the United States (aside from beer and frats, of course). I have spent two different afternoons on Northrop Mall at the University of Minnesota listening to his banter and insults. Jed sits there and screams 'The Gospel' at the students of Xyz University, quoting random scripture, taking questions, calling them sluts, whores, evil, devil worshipers, "the bastard children of God" (that was a good day :), etc. To be polite, I would say his arguments are incorrect and absurd. Frankly, he's a total nut-job, but it's a good way to spend an hour on a nice sunny day, arguing and listening to some of the christians rip him apart much worse than any of the atheists in attendance.

A rollicking good time for all!