An artificial language created in Berlin in the 1920s.

Based entirely on numbers, Timerio was created to provide not so much an actual spoken language but more of an intermediate step in translation (like pseudocode or java bytecode).

The only (potential) reference to a creator comes from a bibliography of planned languages, and references only one name: "Thiemer." Whether this is a first name, surname, or pen name is unknown.

Like so many other constructed languages, Timerio went the way of the dodo, and its vocabulary and grammar are lost to us, save the famed example "1-80-17" which means "I love you".

From this small example, it would seem that the vocabulary is hierarchical in derivation: "1" (being the first number) represents "I" which is arguably the first abstract concept humans become familiar with; the slightly higher "17" represents "you" which, though a later concept, is still early; and "80" represents "love", which is a concept not fully fleshed-out until much later in life (if ever).

Further information is appreciated as details concerning this fascinating conceptual language are sketchy.