Two very strange minor characters from the Adult Swim cartoon Home Movies. These two little boys are rarely seen apart, and are either VERY close friends, or an ambiguously gay duo.

Both wearing suits, Walter has red hair that sticks out on both sides like a clown, while Perry has darker skin and glasses. Both have high-pitched voices and are allergic to cheese. Walter and Perry's nemesis is expert spoiled brat Fenton. Although Perry made his first appearance in Get Away From My Mom, he appeared with Walter for the first time in The Art of the Sucker Punch.

In various episodes, there are moments when the camera pans off Brendon, Jason, and Melissa, and focuses on Walter and Perry's fast-paced conversations. Here are some examples, some of them may prove that they are gay:

  • At Fenton's birthday party, they talk about living together when they get older.
  • When Walter gets carsick, Perry offers to throw up with him at the same time. Later, they talk about wanting to live together in a hotel, how they like each other's shoes, and how beautiful they look while sleeping.
  • At a wedding, W&P take it a little too far when they consider getting married and they practice carrying each other "over the threshold", before the entire congregation!