A brief musical side project launched by film maker Brendon Small, from the Cartoon Network's animated Home Movies show. In the third season episode "Guitarmageddon", Brendon and his film making buddies Jason and Melissa decided to form a band. No one in the band knew how to play an instrument and they weren't even sure which instrument each would play. Brendon quickly called guitar. Melissa called drums. Brendon and Melissa then declared Jason the bass player by default. Jason refused. He would rather play keyboards or the Chilean tribal rain stick. Anything but bass. Bass players, Jason claimed, were the losers of the musical world. No one respected bass players. Jason asked Melissa to switch. She could play bass and he would play drums. Melissa refused. She called drums before Jason and that's the way it was going to be. Jason claimed Melissa and Brendon were taking advantage of his inability to think on his feet.

They got coach Jon McGuirk to be their roadie. McGuirk pointed out since the band wasn't planning on going on the road and touring, just filming a video, McGuirk could not rightly call himself their roadie. He would technically then be their "helpie". He agreed to be their helpie on the condition if anyone asked, he was not a helpie but a roadie.

Brendon Poppins and the Chimney Sweeps released a single song called "Freaky Outie", which consisted of them banging on their instruments and screeching "Freaky Outtie!" Brendon claimed the song helped him relax. The song proved not to be popular and they released a video to support the song. In the video, Brendon Poppins and the Chimney Sweeps plus their helpie McGuirk donned Beatle Nehru jackets and mop tops. It was faintly reminiscent of A Hard Day's Night. Brendon's mom does some backing vocals for the video release. Shortly after the video's release, the band broke up. Jason and Melissa simultaneously announced they were leaving the band, to pursue solo careers. Each planned on calling their side project "Chocolate Factory".

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